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    Male Ally Legacy Award

    True to BCWI’s vision of enabling inclusive growth, Working Mother & AVTAR instituted for the very first time in 2017, the Working Mother & AVTAR Male Ally Legacy Award to recognize senior male leaders from Corporate India who have relentlessly championed the cause of gender inclusion and mentored several women into leadership.The winners of this prestigious award are chosen based on their contribution to mentoring women into leadership as also their role in influencing and curating their organizational journeys towards gender inclusion.This recognition completed four successful editions - in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

    Being a Male Ally entails working towards changing the culture in the organization, by being a role-model, by creating more role-models. It is not limited to men advocating for or helping certain, specific women. While advocacy efforts might sometimes involve supporting specific women, it involves much more than that. Male advocacy is all about bringing in systemic change. Male allies relentlessly work towards changing the prevailing mindsets and attitudes.


    Male Ally Legacy
    Award Winner

    Deepak Iyer

    MD & President
    Mondelez India Private Limited

    Choice of Jury
    Award Winners

    Manish Sharma

    Principal (Senior Partner)
    Business Technology Leader
    ZS Associates, India

    John McGrory

    Head of India Global In-house Centre (GIC)
    Morgan Stanley

    Deepak Iyer

    MD & President, Mondelez India Private Limited

    For Deepak Iyer, Managing Director, Mondelez India, the diversity and inclusion agenda are not only a critical business imperative but a part of his objectives and commitment. He is a visible advocate for women talent leadership and empowerment - providing an opportunity for all through strong hiring, growth opportunities, and women leader focused development.

    As a Male Ally Champion, Mr Iyer is the ambassador of diversity, which is evident through the 50 percent diversity in the company’s marketing teams and entry talent at Mondelez India. Further, he has driven focus on diversity beyond the head office, to include women in leadership in the sales and supply chain teams. He has also sponsored the establishment of affinity groups like the SalesforHer Community which has helped shape policies and practices around travel, stay and work environment to ensure safe, bias-free support to the field sales teams. As a result, 30 percent of the P&L roles in Sales and 34 percent of the Leadership team +1 (Extended Leadership Team) roles are held by women leaders.

    Striving for a parity-driven workplace, Mr Iyer has been instrumental in the formation of the D&I council. The post sabbatical returning women program, “Khushi” and Equal Leaders program was launched under the council, for creating the right workplace culture. Being a gender advocate who works towards the development of women leaders, he is actively involved in the company’s Women-in-Leadership mentoring program focused on senior women talent at C suite levels.

    Continuing to be an influential and inclusive leader, Mr Iyer is also an advocate of equal pay, as a result of which Mondelez India has a zero gender pay gap. Mr Iyer’s commitment to diversity and support of women leadership over the years has driven Mondelez India’s initiatives, policies and focus.



    Story of change

    Oyeyimika Adeboye (Yimika), the Managing Director at Mondelez International West Africa believes that she has been fortunate to have Deepak as one of her mentors in her transition from Finance to a GM/Commercial role. She says, “I consider him as the “crème de la crème” of our MDLZ leaders. Deepak has been truly inspirational in different ways. He always said to me “Yimika, don’t worry, things will take shape”. Frankly, even when I felt things were not taking shape as quickly as I desired, his words helped a lot. With the time difference between Nigeria and India, Deepak was always gracious to speak with me and share valuable thoughts even when it was late in India. He has been a great ally.”

    Oyeyimika Adeboye

    Managing Director

    Manish Sharma

    Principal (Senior Partner), Business Technology Leader, ZS Associates, India

    “Manish has been an early proponent of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) at ZS, and one of the founder members of the I&D council. He has spear-headed several initiatives to help achieve various I&D goals for the firm. In addition to being the founder member of the I&D council, he has also contributed in an active and inspiring way as a core team member of the Women Leadership Initiative (WLI) which is one of the key I&D groups at ZS. As a strategic partner on the council and an active Male Ally on the WLI team, Manish has played a pivotal role in advancing our existing practices that enhance the experiences of ZSers by fostering an inclusive work ecosystem. As a male ally, he has always championed the idea of allyship – moving it from thoughts to plans and to action.


    Story of change

    "Manish played a critical role at a point in my ZS career when the path seemed to take me away from ZS rather than continue. However, almost 1.5 years later I am still at ZS and continuing to grow and support various teams. During the time in question, Manish gave a very honest reality check and provided options which were best for my growth. Ultimately, he assured a role that not only worked well for me but also for another team member, who was facing health issues and had to take leaves during her pregnancy. The decision helped her out immensely as well and he did what was best for both of us. He continues to give opportunities to grow and showcase strengths in various forums and I highly appreciate the same."

    - Consultant part of Manish’s team

    John McGrory

    Head of India Global In-house Centre (GIC), Morgan Stanley

    Over the last two years, John has made a significant impact in driving the Diversity and Inclusion strategy for India. Through his efforts, overall representation of women at every level in India GIC has grown consistently, including a marked increase in female representation at senior management levels. Apart from workforce representation, he ensures that the senior management group and the various employee network and committees have adequate representation by women.

    John is the co-chair of the India Diversity Council, which has been a catalyst to implement both Firmwide and divisional diversity strategies. The Council plays a key role in shaping the agenda and driving the effort to shape Morgan Stanley’s culture, to create a safe space where employees feel a sense of belonging. Exemplifying these values and as a leader focused in actions as much in words, John is committed to ensuring Morgan Stanley remains a great place to work for employees of all backgrounds.

    John is also a key sponsor of various programs such as the Return to Work program, the Leadership and Culture Forum, the Mobility Committee and the various Employee Network Groups.


    Story of change

    “I joined Morgan Stanley two years back, after a sabbatical of 18 months. The first six months were tough. As an individual contributor for my function, I felt I needed a lot more support on the ground, which is what John extended as soon as I reached out. Always open to ideas, sharing his knowledge and experience and actively promoting my work, makes him a great ally. He has been a mentor and a sponsor who is invested in my success, giving me the opportunity and visibility, by inviting me to join the India Senior Management Group.”

    Nikita Mascarenhas

    Vice President – Corporate Communications