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Piaggio to have all-women workforce in Baramati shopfloor

Following in the footsteps of Ola FutureFactory, Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd, a subsidiary of the Italian Piaggio Group, has announced its all-women workforce in Baramati for its assembly line making of the Apé Electrik range of products. Taking a significant step towards having more women on the shopfloor, Piaggio will have women looking into quality […]

Nurturing a Culture of Carehood in the workplace

During the pandemic, corporate houses partnered with public and private institutions to support employees and family members by procuring medicines, ventilators, arranging medical facilities, supplying grocery and basic amenities for those quarantined, apart from conducting vaccination drives. Caring for employees is now a shared value. Organizations are embracing, rather aggressively, the culture of carehood since […]

Igniting Courage to Overcome the Challenges faced by Allies

Allyship is the new catchphrase for any organization embarking on its journey to inclusion. Allyship is the act of using one’s power, position, or privilege to uplift others. But what are the specific challenges that the allies face? How to overcome them? And what are the skill sets required to become an ally? The panel […]

Ending gender-based violence is everyone’s business

Gender-based violence has multiple bearings – physical, psychological, and emotional. The impact also ranges from loss in productivity to the economic costs attached to it. So, it is everyone’s business to come up with measures to end gender-based violence. Gender-based violence is defined by the United Nations as ‘results in or is likely to result […]

Advancing equity at workplaces requires courage and conviction

More organizations are intentionally investing in their DEI agenda. Any affirmative action taken at work to remove structural barriers requires a fair amount of courage and conviction. DEI leaders must create a culture, which supports and values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and not just counts on the training program or HR initiatives. Only through the […]

Diversity in the Workforce

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