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Digital Age and DEI: The Strongest Confluence of this Millennia

Having a future-ready workforce is one of the priority tasks undertaken by organizations across the globe. In this growth, the impact and influence of digital prospects are optimum, both for business and people development. Digitalization has so far and will further help multinationals to grow manifold, given its dynamic quality. Digitalization achieves overarching business goals […]

Are Indian Women less ambitious than their Western counterparts?

Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something in life— be it goals, and targets— along with a sense of direction and motivation to work towards them. Ambition is important to achieving success, for it overrides excuses and the available resources. So, can the miniscule percentage of women in workforce in India be […]

PwC vows to improve gender diversity

PwC India has announced that it plans to increase its gender diversity to at least 40 percent in the coming years, as per news reports. As part of its latest strategy ‘New Equation’, the company plans to increase its campus recruitment drives by five times and increase the representation of women in the company’s workforce. […]

How remote work has democratized workplace

Almost one and a half years have passed since Covid-19 changed our lives with remote working, and ideas translated into actions than ever before. To cope with changes, organizations have implemented new policies and processes to enhance the digital work experience. Some of the visible differences in which remote work made workplace accessible are, Leaders […]

From social context to business case– the evolution of DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become a mantra in the workplace for the last couple of decades. The concept, which has a long-standing legacy, is deeply rooted in a civilization like India. We trace the journey of DEI in the West and India. The modern history of DEI The earliest DEI initiative in the […]