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Imposter Syndrome – Myth or Reality?

Thursday August 12, 2021, By Diversity Digest

Rarely one remembers to appreciate oneself— a bane if one strives to achieve excellence and growth in their career. We are amidst talented minds in our workplaces. Amongst them, feeling vulnerable or conscious of one’s thoughts, talents, and skills would be a derailer. If one is constantly self-deprecating, the person is prone to the Imposter Syndrome. Doubting one’s ability because of the fear of failure or feeling under competent that holds one back in their professional journey, or simply the Imposter Syndrome has of late become a workplace puzzle. It affects a marginalized set of people. Women are said to be the vulnerable class diagnosed with the syndrome, along with other minority groups. It calls for effective action, considering the gender parity ratio in Indian Inc. Here are some ways to tackle the syndrome if you think you are susceptible to the Imposter Syndrome.

For Individuals:

  • Believing in oneself and not feeling like an imposter.
  • Highlighting positives and owning to mistakes.
  • Owning accomplishments and giving self-doubt a pause, balancing it with the accomplishment.
  • Understanding performance is important than perfection.
  • Seeking feedback on performance.
  • Accepting organization-recognized awards and recognitions.
  • Communicating with a trustworthy colleague or friend and asking for help.

For Organizations:

  • Having a transparent organizational system.
  • Providing platforms to express, communicate, and record grievances.
  • Training leaders to lead with empathy.
  • Respecting and rewarding employees for their best efforts.
  • Fostering an inclusive culture and providing psychological safety.
  • Making workplaces bias-free.

Workplace anxiety has to be addressed effectively. An effort from the employees vulnerable to it and initiation from the organization to build an inclusive culture that fosters respect, value, and recognition for each employee can help keep the Imposter Syndrome at bay.

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