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The many forms and effects of non-conscious bias: Why they need to be addressed

Non-conscious or implicit bias, as the name suggests, is based on an array of factors and plays out in different forms at the workplace. This bias can impact decisions at every stage, beginning with recruitment and higher attrition if unattended. Its impact makes it imperative for leaders to understand how non-conscious bias manifests. Scientists believe […]

You mean well, but are you saying it right?

The world has come a long way and accepted that differences are not to be joked about and that majority is not equal to normalcy. We live in a world of myriad colors, and each person has a different blend that they bring along. It is important to understand and respect this – in every […]

The importance of a male ally: Here is how you can be one

Male allies are not just mentors or guides for women at the workplace. A male ally brings about a change at the workplace by setting benchmarks and owning the responsibilities to make the workplace more inclusive and equitable. A male ally is a crucial link in bridging the gender gap at the workplace as they […]

Four ways to ensure equity at the workplace

As leaders, you are responsible for making plans, pursuing goals, and executing them. However, with a diverse workplace today, you also have to ensure that it offers a level-playing field or is equitable to enable all in the workforce to meet their fullest potential. Equity is something that differs with people because it considers individual […]

‘Being a woman one has to strive twice as hard to make a mark in the workplace’

A Defence service veteran, a corporate leader, and sports enthusiast, Anuradha Kanchi, Principal Strategist, Audits and Assessments, Avtar Group, wears multiple hats. Touching upon the many roles she has juggled with aplomb, she talks about her experiences, the challenges she encountered, and the transformation she has seen in the corporate landscape.   You have vast […]

Disney appoints woman chairperson for the first time in 98 years

Entertainment giant Walt Disney has appointed a woman as its chairperson for the first time in its nine-decade history. 67-year-old Susan Arnold, who has been with Disney for over a decade as a board member, will succeed Bob Ibger at the end of 2021. Susan has held positions in the consumer goods and food sectors. […]

6 ways to encourage employees to speak up

Silence may be golden, but in an organization, it means people are not bringing their whole selves to work. However, leaders can do a lot to get people to voice out their concerns and views because they can affect the productivity and performance of the organization. When an employee decides to speak up against something […]

Advancing equity at workplaces requires courage and conviction

More organizations are intentionally investing in their DEI agenda. Any affirmative action taken at work to remove structural barriers requires a fair amount of courage and conviction. DEI leaders must create a culture, which supports and values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and not just counts on the training program or HR initiatives. Only through the […]

‘Being fearless is about facing fear and coming through with solutions’

Not achieving your goal or target may be a failure, but a bigger failure is not trying at all! Leaders have to push the envelope, take strides fearlessly, and take everyone in the team along to scale greater heights. These were some of the thoughts and reflections shared by a panel at the Avtar and […]

DEI intent strong and transcending industry boundaries

The needle of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives is moving, intentionally and assertively in the 100 Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI), observed Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder-President, Avtar Group. The final day of the two-day conference titled Best Practices of the 100 Best Conference by Avtar and Working Mother saw Dr. Saundarya present […]

The importance of inclusive leadership and listening to feedback

The Best Practices of the 100 Best Conference by Avtar and Working Mother had power-packed sessions that highlighted the companies’ best practices on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. One of the sessions highlighted the best practices from EY on Social Equity and Standard Chartered GBS on Future Workplace. The session began with EY’s Executive Director Chung […]

The importance of ensuring a safe workplace

It is a workplace where every person in the team contributes to cultural inclusion, where every idea from everyone in a room is valued. It may be an argumentative and consensus-driven culture but I would not have it any other way, said Kiran Mani, Managing Director, Google’s Global Client, and Marketing Partnerships, the Asia Pacific […]

DEI is not a destination, but an ongoing journey

Leaders should not make assumptions on people’s behalf about what they can do, and they won’t be able to do, said Katrina Troughton, Managing Director, IBM Australia, and New Zealand. Katrina set the tone for the two-day ‘Best Practices of the 100 Best Conference by Avtar and Working Mother’, on November 18. In her opening […]

Despite Covid, DEI ownership by organizations has borne fruit

The pandemic has tested the role and purpose of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organizational leaders, DEI managers, and DEI advocates have done a tremendous job, rising to the challenge. They have put forth DEI above everything else to make their employees feel inclusive. Offering a panoramic view of DEI initiatives after more than a year […]

5 powerful ways leaders can demonstrate inclusion

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel— Maya Angelou, American poet, and civil rights activist. The above quote is all the more relevant when you talk about demonstrating inclusion in the workplace. For leaders, illustrating inclusion is […]

Don’t forget the “Inclusion” in DEI Efforts

I often hear from gender and racially marginalized friends about how unhappy they are in their jobs. When interacting in team meetings or with supervisors, they find it hard to speak up, feel undermined, and are constantly afraid that they’ll make themselves look bad. In terms of the company culture, they feel undervalued and overworked, […]

Why DEI strategies fail

An organization is keen on working out its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals and sets out on it with zeal. However, over time the company doesn’t see the change it intended to. Sounds familiar? Despite the best of intentions and efforts, DEI goals may seem elusive and for good reasons. Here is a checklist […]

ERGs are more than grassroots initiatives

Employee resource groups (ERGs), a network and employee-led initiative in organizations, have an extensive role covering multiple aspects of a business. Primarily, ERGs are grassroots-level initiatives led from the bottom to the top involving groups of underrepresented intersectionality. The groups bring together people and foster an inclusive and diverse workplace. However, when aligned with the […]

Leadership Commitment to DEI

Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of building a workplace culture that not only retains their best employees but also makes them feel inclusive. During current times, one of the biggest realization leaders face is the understanding that some of the immediate business issues to solve could be critical DEI challenges. The creation and […]

DEI Metrics Scorecard -Lifeline of Organizations

The outcome of any initiative is assessed basis the impact it creates. When it comes to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts of an organization, it is imperative that the system measures even the simplest of things including the provision of ergonomic tools and designs for assuring employee satisfaction that will lead to a […]

Sign language can be the leveler at the workplace

Communication is an underrated aspect of our lives. Most often it gets limited to the language we converse in. At the workplace, we tend to restrict the definition of communication to the way we talk, how we word our emails, and body language. While all of these aspects are important, an organization, which looks at […]

Cut them out: Biases can derail DEI initiatives

There are over 100 biases that exist in one form or the other in our world not limiting to the corporate environment. These are deeply rooted in the structure of our brains. In our experience working with organizations that demonstrate intentionality in building inclusive workplaces, biases can be categorized within the 12 broad categories.We call […]

DEI route to address mental well-being of employees

As all of us are coping through our most vulnerable and fragile selves during this pandemic and its aftermath, it is important that we collectively focus on our psychological well-being, as much as we focus on our physical well-being. Mental health and well-being positively looks at the entire range of an individual’s emotional, psychological, and […]

Three cases – Business, People and Culture – of DEI

Reports suggest that COVID-19 has impacted more women in the form of job losses, reversing the gains made over some time. The pandemic has been a derailer for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. DEI is not a standalone endeavor and it is deeply tied to the organization’s success and growth. However, while the job […]

Nurturing Neurodiversity at the workplace

Neurodiversity stems from the brain differences that we have in terms of the way we are wired, the way we think and learn are accepted and seen as normal. The term Neurodiversity was first coined by the singer Judy in the late 1990s after refusing the idea that people with autism work differently than the […]

Managing the risk of a hybrid workplace

Hybrid work environment is a business concept that combines office work with remote working environment, abiding to conditions such as having proper internet connectivity. Hybrid work exercises greater freedom and autonomy compared to the traditional office work environment. Some of the types of hybrid models are: full-time remote working, on-demand office work, and using flexible […]

Leadership Commitment – a subset of Leadership Intelligence to strengthen DEI

Leadership Intelligence and Leadership commitment Over the years, multiple studies that gauged employee retention rates report that highly qualified, motivated people chose to work for companies that build a strong, inclusive, and inspiring culture. Leaders in the COVID era are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of building a workplace culture that not only retains their […]

Why DEI is gaining all the more significance during COVID?

While the pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for many businesses, it has turned out to be a catalyst for interventions in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) space. Covid-19 has unveiled the potential to accelerate the pace of DEI with an increase in efforts headed by compassionate and decisive leadership, looking at […]

“Art of listening is indeed a tall order”

Dr Nandini Murali defied stereotypes when she scripted an alternative narrative for herself dealing with suicidal loss. Her partner died by suicide when Dr Nandini’s internal GPS crashed. She resurrected herself and she authored a book titled “Life Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss” in which she expresses herself on how the Pain acted as a catalyst […]

Flexi working anyone? Stay-at-home-dad shows the way

Here is the story of Suresh, who is not just an exception to this norm of a woman choosing to be a stay-at-home parent but also an example to emulate for those wanting to design their professional lives.

Gross mismatch between DEI perceptions on top and ground reality

A study has revealed that about 90 percent of global businesses struggle with DEI initiatives within their technology and IT teams.