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2021: What’s in the Limelight?

Wednesday January 6, 2021, By Diversity Digest

Every beginning is a new opportunity that unfolds. An eventful year has passed, which taught us the importance of all
things fortunate in our lives. And now, as the winter recedes, it’s time we
rejoice our resilience and perseverance, as a result of which success made its
way. Yes, it was challenging. But a big kudos to all out there who were
unwilling to give up, as we march towards the colorful avenues awaiting

Speaking of challenges, one need not
iterate the varied facades of it as each of us reading this must have had it
experienced. Looking forward, we only have a well-organized calendar, that
focuses on moving forward cautiously but enthusiastically, which interestingly,
is a resultant of the previous year’s events. This also had another product
form its shape. With a ‘come what may’ take lingering within, carved were a few
stories of success. Handpicked here are a few irresistibly inspiring returns,
for the time they started was from zone zero. These are also expected to stay
and prosper in 2021 as well.


Entrepreneurial Ventures 

Women in India bore
the critical impacts of the pandemic. From double duties to layoffs, the period
was a crucial one that tested their grit. And thus, came the numbers that
spoke. Bain and Company’s research study on women entrepreneurs in India
reports that 90% of entrepreneurs are optimistic of returning to their previous
business glory despite the pandemic-laid impact. With remote working facilities
and digital channels as add-on enabler, 54% was very agile in transforming
their business structure to suit the conditions.


Flourishing Job


Though there have
been initial setbacks, the markets have never been so accessible, including for
the underrepresented groups. India’s unemployment rate, which was at 23.5% in
April, has receded to 6.98% in October, as reported in the Economic Times. And
with Corporate India showing better signs of recovery, employees are looking
forward to a productive first quarter of 2021, with job opportunities thriving
in the sectors of finance, insurance and real estate, and mining &
construction, reports a Manpower Group survey.

Going Digital Over


A random check on
our conversation radar with our family and dear ones would have recorded the
number zero pre-Covid. Apparently, it took a pandemic for us to realize the
reach of digital technologies, which we were previously ignorant about. Similar
is the case in our work front. It was a long overdue wait until 2020 for an
established system of remote working culture to rise up. But worry not, it is
also here to stay. SAP Concur studies that 88% of Indian professionals are set
on accepting the ‘pandemic-normal’ as the ‘continuing-normal’, which is nothing
but remote working. A similar report by Atlassian establishes the same percent
of professionals who are apprehensive of returning to work without the launch
of an effective vaccine, driving improved adoption of digital skills and
knowledge to their toolkit.

Although only three aspects are shown
under the limelight here, we must agree that these were a few of the ignored
matters that existed in our buzzing world pre-Covid. With improved signs of
recovery reflected in the social, economic, and the cultural front, the
up-and-coming 2021 shoulders loads of dreams, hopes, expectations, and most
importantly on its plate is pre-planned wins and accomplishments.

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