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Companies launch returnship program for women

Monday January 10, 2022, By Diversity Digest

Three organizations have come together to tackle gender bias in advertising, specifically in the creatives department.

Creative Equals, Diageo, and D&AD have recently launched a returnship program called Creative Comeback. As per reports, the organizations have launched the initiative ahead of International Women’s Day in March.

The statement released by the organizations reveals that gaps in resumes due to life stages like maternity or health issues affect women creatives, who are seen as outdated and hired with pay cuts due to the breaks.

The organizations acknowledge that it is crucial to take the initiative because the lack of women’s representation impacts advertising. As a result, the industry would also lose millions because today’s aspirational women hold the key for decisions—be it a product like insurance or a car. Misrepresentation or stereotypes stemming from the lack of representation can be detrimental to brands and companies.

Returnship programs are important for organizations aiming at growing the proportion of women across levels.

As per the Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI), a yearly gender analytics exercise by Avtar and Seramount, the number of companies running formal programs on hiring second career women went up from 65% in 2020 to 71% the next year. Avtar, which has been instrumental in pioneering the program across industries, sees it essential to improve gender diversity.

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