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E-commerce turns to underrepresented cohorts for managing sale rush

Wednesday October 6, 2021, By Diversity Digest

The hiring spree to manage the festive season and sales rush on e-commerce sites is turning out to be a season of opportunities for underrepresented cohorts.

Recently Amazon India launched its second sort center in Chennai managed entirely by underrepresented cohorts. The team comprises women, transgender individuals, persons with disabilities, and military veterans. The initiative is part of the e-commerce company’s commitment to usher in a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Aimed at managing the rush during the festive season, the center comprises women associates working night shifts, complying with the state statute, alongside women managers on the site.

Amazon India revealed that they would hire 200-odd employees for the center.

Along with the women-operated and owned delivery stations in Chennai and Kadi, Gujarat, centers managed by transgender individuals, silent delivery stations in Mumbai, Amazon also has a program for the employment of military veterans.

Joining Amazon in the hiring spree, Flipkart recently announced that it has created 1.15 lakh direct seasonal jobs created during the Big Billion sale timed around the season. About 15% of the group comprises women and people with disabilities.  This year, the company registered an all-time high figure of total seasonal jobs that have increased year on year.

The company recently added more sortation centers across states like Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Chennai, etc. Flipkart has also revealed that it is strengthening its last-mile delivery.

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