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Eateries show disability is no bar

Wednesday October 27, 2021, By Archana Sathish

The restaurant industry is turning out to be a model industry for inclusion, with more eateries engaging people with hearing and speech disabilities.

With a boost in opportunities for people with disabilities, the food industry has shown that intentionality and innovation are the only requisites for creating opportunities.

The restaurant industry has been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion— be it the eateries run by veterans or women victims of acid attacks and burns.

In recent times, restaurants have also begun including people with disabilities. Interestingly, in an industry where speed and customer service are paramount, the players have effectively trounced the challenges by successfully including speech and hearing impaired staff who run these places.

With concepts like cue cards, a step-by-step guide for sign language as part of the menu, and feedback mechanisms through gestures like thumbs up, these restaurants have shown that language of any kind is no bar.

Here are a few restaurants and cafes that have embraced disabilities to make a difference:

A. Terrasinne, Pune

B. Mirchi and Mime, Mumbai

C. Khandani Rajdhani, Mumbai

D. Talking Hands, Hyderabad

E. Echoes Living Room, Hyderabad

The restaurants have shown that a service-dominated industry can engage people with disabilities. Taking a leaf out of their book, service-based companies can take up various training programs to embrace inclusion.

Another desired effect of such endeavors is the breaking down of walls between different groups in society, sensitizing one about the needs of the other.

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Archana Sathish
Archana Sathish
Archana Sathish, a MarCom team member, deals with website management, analytics and operations for bringing Avtar's vision into light.

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