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More women left US workforce, finds study

Monday October 11, 2021, By Diversity Digest

A study in the US has shown that more women left their jobs in September 2021. It is yet another example of how women are the first to be affected during a crisis

The establishment survey of businesses run by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that that there was a rise of 194,000 nonfarm payroll jobs last month, way below the estimate of 500,000. Women lost 26,000 jobs in September. The study also reveals that while 1,82,000 men aged 20 and over entered the labor force in September, 3,09,000 women aged 20 and over left the labor force.

The reasons for the dip are the delta variant of Covid, lack of childcare facilities, and the back-to-school season, as per news reports.

There are schools in the US that are not providing a remote option of classes and the lack of stable, quality, and affordable child care are making it difficult for women. Researchers say that there will be another round of women dropping out with concerns over the delta variant.

The survey also shows that women’s employment is 3.59% below the level in February 2020. However, men’s employment is only 2.82% below the pre-pandemic level.

While more jobs in the childcare sector have been added, with over 17,000 new jobs, it is still 10.4% lower than the pre-pandemic levels.

The researchers say that companies must prioritize supporting women in jobs by boosting childcare infrastructure, allowing all parents to access paid leave, and strengthen workplace protections. They reckon that if one is not earning enough to meet their childcare expenses, they will not continue to work.

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