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Piaggio to have all-women workforce in Baramati shopfloor

Tuesday November 30, 2021, By Diversity Digest

Following in the footsteps of Ola FutureFactory, Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd, a subsidiary of the Italian Piaggio Group, has announced its all-women workforce in Baramati for its assembly line making of the Apé Electrik range of products.

Taking a significant step towards having more women on the shopfloor, Piaggio will have women looking into quality control checks, fitting, assembly, electrical, and overall material management.

As per news reports, the women workforce will assemble its electric models like Apé E-City and Apé E-Xtra.

The women workforce has been hired from the technical institutes around Baramati, a city located in Pune District.

The workforce has been trained in aspects like usage of tools, safety procedures, E box, etc. and the workplace has been redesigned ergonomically.  In a statement, the company has said that it plans to hire more women across its business value chain and have more women in leadership positions.

It added that diversity brings with it the advantage of innovation.

Piaggio has joined the array of companies looking to increase the number of women on the shopfloor. In September this year, Ola FutureFactory made it to the news as the world’s largest women-only factory and the only all-women automotive manufacturing facility globally. Ola Electric has invested significantly to train and upskill its all-women workforce in core manufacturing skills, as they will be involved in the entire production of every vehicle manufactured at Ola FutureFactory.

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