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Digital Age and DEI: The Strongest Confluence of this Millennia

Having a future-ready workforce is one of the priority tasks undertaken by organizations across the globe. In this growth, the impact and influence of digital prospects are optimum, both for business and people development. Digitalization has so far and will further help multinationals to grow manifold, given its dynamic quality. Digitalization achieves overarching business goals […]

How remote work has democratized workplace

Almost one and a half years have passed since Covid-19 changed our lives with remote working, and ideas translated into actions than ever before. To cope with changes, organizations have implemented new policies and processes to enhance the digital work experience. Some of the visible differences in which remote work made workplace accessible are, Leaders […]

Diversity at entry-level more impactful

Diversity models vary with companies, while they all consider an array of factors like age, gender, geographical background, etc. A majority of the companies with DEI strategies direct them to middle-level positions. However, there is a growing consensus that it would be more effective when aimed at the entry levels. Studies have also shown that […]

Understanding Psychological safety at the workplace

Psychological safety at the workplace refers to the experience of employees being able to authentically express themselves in their work environments. This stems from a strong foundation built on trust that an employee has on his/her/their employer and the subsequent sense of reassurance that they have they would not be punished or would not have […]

Rethinking Work Flexibility during Work from Home

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, working from home has become a norm for many. But even as remote work has normalised, it’s a fairly recent development.  Work from home was less mainstream before the pandemic and even stigmatised.  Hence, most organizations are still exploring the various nuances of remote working.  As part of the post-covid era, […]

Does Automation deliver a harsher blow on women?

Recent research at the McKinsey Global Institute finds that automation is likely to displace men and women more or less equally over the next decade.

Upskilling and reskilling the need of the hour

“Learning should not stop with earning. Only a skilled person will grow in today’s world.