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Diversity at entry-level more impactful

Wednesday August 25, 2021, By Janani Sampath

Diversity models vary with companies, while they all consider an array of factors like age, gender, geographical background, etc. A majority of the companies with DEI strategies direct them to middle-level positions. However, there is a growing consensus that it would be more effective when aimed at the entry levels.

Studies have also shown that devising a DEI strategy for early talent-hiring could be the fastest way to ring in the transformation.

Recently in India, many have moved their DEI goalposts to the entry levels, with companies like Capgemini, PayPal, Cognizant, to name a few, taking their initiatives to the campuses. While they look for fresh and young talent, they have also included gender and diversity filters as part of their recruitment programs.

A mix already

Gen Z or the age group born after 2001 is a diverse group as compared to the population of baby boomers or Gen X— both born between the late 1940s and late 1970s. Therefore, aiming at the talent pool could bring about diversity faster and lasts longer. As the Gen Zs are replacing the other two categories already in a big way, companies have a large diverse pool to make use of readily.

Boosts women participation

Across there are fewer women in leadership levels– in whatever way you want to look at the workforce.  Take the case of the tech industry — with an imbalanced workforce,  studies have shown that only 37 percent of women occupy positions at the entry-level in the sector. No wonder, this gap is stark at the leadership levels.

Avtar has been batting for more women in C-suite roles, offering strategies to increase the number. Through the gender analytics exercise, Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) Avtar and US-based Working Mother have been tracking the growth of women in the organizations through their DEI initiatives like mentoring, up-skilling, and career sponsorship.

Globally, the thin female executive pipeline also observed by Sheryl Sandberg, founder of LeanIn.org, could have a fix in the entry-level strategy. The organization suggests that roping in women from diverse backgrounds at the entry-level could give the much-needed impetus for the efforts towards increasing their population at the leadership levels in the longer run.

Make the most of gen Z talent

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Janani Sampath
Janani Sampath
With close to 15 years of experience in journalism across beats in multiple mediums, Janani Sampath is content editor, Diversity Digest.

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