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What ISO 30415 means to DEI initiatives

Tuesday January 11, 2022, By Lalita Tata

A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone— Sundar Pichai                                                                                                 

With the pandemic, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has assumed significance and organizations are working on it with renewed vigor. Given the focus on DEI, the International Organization for Standardization or ISO has recently launched some standards related to DEI. Known as ISO 30415:2021 – Human Resource Management – Diversity and Inclusion, it will help the organizations implement, assess, and measure DEI.

Why focus on DEI

Unlike the saying, ‘Like attracts Like’, DEI says, ‘The diverse the better’ or a diverse workplace is a better workplace. Numerous studies have shown that workplace diversity brings more innovation efficiency, financial benefits, and growth. Alongside diversity, when an organization follows the principle of inclusion, the benefits are multifold. When employees feel heard, respected, and valued, they will naturally be more motivated and innovative.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive organizational culture can enable individuals and teams to thrive and do their best in conditions that enable effective collaboration and participation. Building fairer, more inclusive, socially responsible organizations can help people, regardless of identity, background, or circumstances, to access work and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to their personal development and well-being.

Inclusivity, respect, and fairness can be measured by micro-actions at a workplace. Often these actions are subconscious and unknowingly harmful to individual employees and even overall business.

How the framework help

ISO 30415 framework is flexible and can be adopted and implemented as per the needs and requirements of organizations. The document provides guidance and support to the organizations to embed DEI at their workplace by providing guidance methods on:

  • Prerequisites of demonstrating a commitment to DEI
  • Accountabilities and responsibilities for DEI
  • Approaches to valuing diversity and fostering the development of inclusive workplace; and
  • Identifying DEI objectives, opportunities and risks, actions, measures, outcomes, and impacts

The next question is how ISO 30415 can benefit your organization? With increasing scope for DEI all around the globe, getting accustomed to these standards and getting certified will help achieve organizational transparency that defines equality on a spectrum, covering all aspects of individuality. It improves personal experiences and changes the business for the better. So, more benefits that you can expect by getting certified to these standards are:

  • Broaden your talent pool by diversity hiring
  • Learn and embrace from new perspectives
  • Improve reputation and competitive edge of the organization
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee engagement, trust, and retention
  • Build a more harmonious, productive work environment
  • Lead by example in your industry
  • Develop employee-focused leadership behaviors
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation

ISO 30415 standards value people, and once the organizations start adopting these standards, they will become the best places to work where employees experience a sense of belongingness, and feel respected, heard, and valued.

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Lalita Tata
Lalita Tata
With a diverse experience of around 10 years in the Power Sector and Journalism, Lalita is a Manager - Research & Solutions at Avtar.

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