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The ‘Winning Mix’ at TATA Communications

Thursday January 6, 2022, By Diversity Digest

Tata Communications is a leading global digital infrastructure provider that powers today’s fast-growing digital economy. Tata Communications focuses on helping businesses understand and navigate through the vast potential of technologies by offering network, mobility, collaboration and security services. Looking further out, it also shapes the future by investing in emerging trends – such as IoT, AI, automation and analytics. And it delivers all this seamlessly through the cloud, which in turn is underpinned by one of the most advanced, wholly-owned sub-sea fibre-optic networks in the world.

At Tata Communications, we believe there is a better way to do things and this is animated by our five basic principles; encapsulated in a one-word philosophy – DRIVE, where D denotes Drive, R – Responsive, I – Inclusivity, V- Venturing and E – Ethics respectively.

Inclusivity specifically, is the bedrock of our culture and we fundamentally believe that our success as a company depends on mutual respect and support – the strengths that underpin true diversity and inclusion and our strategic business imperative – Winning Mix – is based on the three pillars of building an inclusive culture, creating a diverse talent pool and enabling policies and infrastructure.

With this intent, LEAP – Life Event Assistance Program, was introduced in 2018-with an aim to help employees balance their personal needs and professional responsibilities at the same time.It is a digital platform that offers a targeted approach to support employees during critical life events and ensure their engagement, retention and talent management along with work life balance. LEAP is using technology to enhance impact at the grassroot level and help employees stay connected even while they are away from work.

One of the key life events which requires most juggling between work and home is parenthood, hence the current offering focuses on parenting. It is designed for primary/secondary caregivers, with the objective of providing support to mothers and fathers throughout the parenting cycle – ranging from pre-natal care to handling teenagers and young adults. The experience ensures that each parent can derive some benefit from the platform, be it parenting tips, self-care or health and wellness. Additionally, the platform helps parents stay connected with the organization during their long leave and continue to receive additional support from peers/teams through a dedicated community network, not only making their return to work easier but also ensuring a smooth parenthood journey.

Following are the key highlights of the initiative:

  • Activation of support ecosystem involving managers and HR partners through system-driven notifications and checklist triggers
  • Confidential guidance and counsellor support on issues such as work-life balance, anxiety and stress, parenting, etc.
  • Manager Resource Centre to equip people managers with reference material on tackling unconscious bias during people processes and inclusive communication techniques
  • Access to a larger community comprising other employees going through a similar life event, to create life-event based network groups
  • Opportunity to share their parenting experience with other employees through a blog feature
  • Access to a wealth of information (in the form of trainings, articles, videos, e-books, etc.) from global experts for employees’ use during their parenting journey
  • Regular company updates to employees’ inbox in the form of RSS feed for easy consumption while on leave, so that they can stay connected with the organization
  • Policy ready reference page tailored to employee’s country, for easy access to relevant policies like flexible work, insurance, leave, etc.

So far, LEAP has attracted 3000 employees. It has received rave reviews, and LEAP continues to deliver benefits for more and more employees.

An employee excerpt on LEAP – “…I am so glad and proud to be working for an organization that promotes awareness on the above and gives concrete tools and platforms to help employees reach their goals of balance and professional achievements. This is leadership by example. It fosters trust and loyalty.”

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