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Top 5 ways to retain employees-K Raheja Corp

Thursday January 6, 2022, By Diversity Digest

Hiring the right employee is the first step for any organization to harness talent but what is even more crucial is how these employees are retained and given a platform to grow. For employees to make a long-term, or even a life-long, commitment to an organization it is the employer’s responsibility to give them multiple reasons to stay. This includes recognition, a clear growth strategy and a conducive work culture among others.

Create a collaborative work culture

The world today is increasingly digital and connected, as a result the new generation of employees expect a certain level of engagement within an organization for them to be productive. Keeping the millennial, and soon the Generation Z, workforce in mind organizations must strive to create an employee experience that is unique, open and transparent. The key here is treating each employee as an individual and encouraging collaboration and team work so the entire group can work together. Allow teams to make their own choices and rules and along with that, encourage them to set their own goals in a manner that is aligned with that of the entire organization.

Empower employees

Teams are important and there’s no doubt about that. However, if you want a work environment where everyone puts in their best then it’s time to move away from an orthodox way of functioning. Create a system where hierarchies and bureaucracies are at a minimum level. Encourage teams to take their own decision through collaboration between all the members, including managers and employees. The downside of this, and I’m being practical here, is that this may slow down the decision-making process but it will help create more well-rounded individuals who might well be on the growth trajectory.

Be Authentic

Feedback is always essential for employees to grow within the organization. Keep in mind here that while feedback is important and what is also crucial is the way this is shared. Along with sharing this feedback it is also important to hear out employees, listen to what they are saying and give them a chance to list their concerns. What always works is to accept suggestions and sitting down for a face-to-face discussion. Urge the leadership to be authentic and candid. Keep them in the loop of what is happening with the company, so they don’t have to rely on rumors.

Recognize and reward good work

There is enough research which points to the fact that employees want to be recognized for their good work. As per a recent OfficeTeam survey, while nearly 89 per cent senior managers said their organization is vary or somewhat effective at showing appreciation to workers, 30 percent employees rates their firms low on the subject of recognizing achievements. Monetary rewards are great but that’s not always what encourages people to stay in an organization. Motivate the organization’s leadership to bring talent under the spotlight. A simple line like, “Great job on the project” can go a long way. Do keep in mind that the feedback should be honest and sincere because the modern Indian employee is smart enough to know the difference between truth and reality.

Cultivate leaders, not bosses

There’s a thin line between leaders and bosses. If you look at any successful organization in the world, it’s all been possible because someone at the top had a vision and that person worked with a team of believers to make it a reality. Enlist the help of the senior management to create an environment that’s open and leaders to a healthy rapport with employees. As leaders we can demonstrate our solid value system to employees during various occasions, just like how we express our gratitude, one needs to look at smaller but significant moments that will serve as a pillar on which the organization can grow.

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