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Bhavani Balasubramanian, Chief Strategist, Diversity Assessment, Avtar, talks about scope of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, the current status of application of these strategies, the challenges, and the road ahead.


Amita Kasbekar, Principal Strategist, LGBTQ Practice, Avtar, talks about how three years after the reading down of Sec 377 by the Supreme Court, LGBTQ+ inclusion in India Inc has become a reality. She discusses the best practices in industries and the road ahead.


Dr Nandini Murali, Principal Strategist, Intersectional Diversity, Mental Health, Avtar Group, discusses how India Inc has amplified conversations about mental health at the workplace, and why there is a need for different approaches to cater to a diverse workforce.


Sriram P, Chief Strategist, DEI Transformation, Avtar Group, talks about how women have stormed into the male bastion with their new recipe for the growth of the industry.