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Avtar Certified Diversity Auditor (ACDA)

As more and more organizations seek blueprints for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in their workplaces, it is important to create standards that will provide clarity and a pathway for achieving those results. As a step towards this, Avtar has launched a new program – Avtar Certified Diversity Auditor (ACDA).

ACDA is an individual certification program designed based on the recent guideline from ISO (International Standards Organization) called ISO 30415 that provides guidance on D&I for organizations, including their governance body, leaders, workforce and recognized representatives, and other stakeholders.

Objective of the program

ACDA will help organizational champions of DEI and DEI Practitioners adopt the most appropriate approach to strategizing and implementing DEI in organizations, based on an organization’s context, helping them create DEI frameworks and protocols aligned with business goals.

It is a certification course that will be delivered through virtual sessions by a team of senior facilitators from Avtar led by Ms. Bhavani Balasubramanian, Chief Strategist – Diversity Evaluation, Avtar. The sessions are designed to be interactive with workshops, polls, best practices sharing, Q&A and subject matter discussions. Evaluation model will be a periodical one to assess consistent progress (project/assignment based), culminating at a comprehensive assessment at the course closure (Online Examination).


  1. ACDA will help professionals
  2. Understand the tenets of ISO 30415
  3. Create frameworks and protocols for DEI implementation confirming to ISO standard
  4. Understand competency frameworks and KPIs to monitor DEI progress
  5. Help develop awareness and capabilities to identify organisational strengths and developmental areas in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


First batch to commence last week of November, 2021

Who can attend

DEI Champions & Leads, Independent DEI Practitioners

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