THE SPEED OF TRUST: One thing that changes Everything

This book is deeply insightful. Written by Stephen M. R. Covey (son of Stephen Covey), this book outlines the importance of Trust as a critical factor for both individual and business success. The Speed of Trust defines and breaks down the concept of Trust and its impact across all aspects of Life – self, relationships, organization, society, community and market, in a thought-provoking manner.

Trust is so basic that we know it when we feel it, but often find it difficult to define and analytically discuss about it. It is in this aspect that Covey’s book scores big. The author discusses how the speed at which we intentionally build trust can positively influence our relationships with employees, customers, investors, business partners and vendors. Covey defines trust eloquently and discusses in-depth the meaning and purpose behind focusing on trust as a core value and even looking at it as a critical skill that needs to be developed by every professional. The author masterfully weaves in fundamental principles such as Four Cores of Trust, Five Waves of Trust and 13 Behaviours of Trust with practical applications and anecdotes from both personal and professional situations. With topics like how to increase one’s integrity, how to improve one’s intent, capabilities and results, the book urges one to build and extend smart trust. With a few occasional assessments and action points towards the end of chapters, Covey helps readers in evaluating their grasp of the topic. The only drawback, perhaps, in this book is the slight repetition of topics in a few chapters towards the end. Overall, a highly relevant book that completely nails the topic of Trust.

Overall rating at – 3.98

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