While we might get inclined to believe that the same would be a reality of rural India, the truth is, myths around menstruation are as much a part of the urban life. With nutrition, health and wellness being at the core of Nestle as an organization, ensuring the same for our employees becomes an imperative for us. Stemming from this thought, Project Sanjhi was initiated to promote awareness on menstrual hygiene among the women workers in our factories. Organized in association with local Rotary Clubs* (namely, Rotary Club of Panipat, Rotary Club of Moga City, Rotary Club of Una, Rotary Club of Ponda, Rotary Club of Nanjangud, Rotary Club of Bicholim), the sessions were facilitated by a qualified gynecologist. They not only emphasized on good practices to maintain health during menstruation, but also busted some of the myths associated with it. Though we have ensured the provision of the right infrastructure in terms of sanitary pad dispensing and disposal units in all our branch offices and factories, we believe awareness in a critical focus area. And while the change in habits does take its own time, awareness is the first step and we are keen on making it a successful one.

The journey of Sanjhi has been rewarding so far.

"The session on menstrual hygiene was a very rewarding one. Some of the myths and taboos we got to know were shocking. Another important thing was the importance of exercise and nutrition, even for us, which I had never really thought about earlier".

"The session on menstrual hygiene was a very rewarding one. Some of the myths and taboos we got to know were shocking. Another important thing was the importance of exercise and nutrition, even for us, which I had never really thought about earlier".

Further to our commitment to ensure a conducive work environment for returning mothers, we offer as part of Pre & Post Maternity Benefit, priority parking, ergonomic seating, and a travel benefit. As an organization, we stress on the importance of breastfeeding. Quoted as an industry practice the travel benefit allows returning mothers to travel with their child and a caregiver while travelling for business till their child turns two years old. This policy has been a huge enabler for young mothers and has aided them in maintaining the balance between their professional and personal commitments.

"Leaving my 1.8 year old kid and travelling for a week to other factories to facilitate coaching sessions was a concern for me. Luckily, this policy came in and I could plan 4 consecutive sessions adhering to my professional commitments and also take care of my daughter".

Simplicity. Accountability. Inclusivity. These are the cornerstones of diversity and inclusion at Nestle. With 'Respect for Diversity' as one of our core values, D&I is a part of our cultural fabric.

So, how do these cornerstones define what we do? Impact through simplicity has been the bottom line of all our initiatives. All that we do is based on the objective of doing simple, but impactful things. Whether it was sanitation facilities at distributor points or Project Sanjhi to address sanitary hygiene for female employees, the objective was to address the simpler things which contribute immensely in creating a conducive workplace environment. Also, we believe that diversity and inclusion cannot be just a top driven agenda, it is a value for us which is owned and lived by all our employees. To ensure that we build that accountability, our most important initiative on unconscious bias has been driven by the employees, in some cases even by union members in the factories. With shop floor employees in factories and sales managers in the field facilitating these sessions, the change has been driven by employees at the helm rather than being a HR agenda. Additionally, being an Equal Opportunity Employer, our intention has always been to design policies which are inclusive. Whether it was the adoption leave or work from home, our policies ensure we look at inclusivity as critically as diversity.

Women friendly organization

As a women friendly organization since its inception, Integra has always had 50% women in its workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion:
Everyone's responsibility.

Inclusion and diversity is a continuous journey. But what makes the program effective at ANZ Bengaluru...

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