As a women friendly organization since its inception, Integra has always had 50% women in its workforce. Eleven years ago, on Women’s Day, we launched a special taskforce called “Sakthi Oli” (The Radiance of Woman Power: a task force at Integra for the empowerment of women) to develop & empower the women working at Integra. Sakthi Oli is personally chaired by Mrs. Anu Sriram, Co-Founder & Jt. Managing Director of Integra who wanted to do something more for the women employees at Integra. She is supported by a team of women employees passionately dedicated to the cause and objectives of Sakthi Oli.

Sakthi Oli today, has come a long way from where we started. While most women have overcome the initial hurdles, we noticed that some still lack career aspirations. Family, marriage and child birth are just few factors that stop potential women from pushing for progress. Also, women working across Integra’s global offices have different needs. Considering these factors, Sakthi Oil has now been re-branded as WInGS—Women at Integra: Growth and Success.

The main objectives of WInGs are:

  • Equip, Encourage & Empower women to grow in their careers
  • Prepare the women at Integra to meet business challenges
  • Develop & Retain women leaders
  • Build support systems for women employees and help them balance family responsibilities and work

Through Sakthi Oli, we have implemented a slew of welfare measures to retain and promote potential women across the organization. The objectives of Sakthi Oli are covered under two major umbrellas:

Women’s health, safety and security

Workplace health and wellness, safety and security are a part of the overall company strategy for a healthy and safe workplace. Commiserating with this, Sakthi Oli supports various initiatives like day care facility for kids at a stone’s throw of the office premises, safe pick-up and drop facilities for women employees, onsite lady doctor, special privileges for expectant mothers including priority treatment in lifts, the canteen and elsewhere in the office and reserved parking space, security patrolling by our security staff from the office till the nearest bus stop and installation of security cameras. The team also organizes various programs and sessions to promote health, safety and security.

Women’s development and growth

Potential women employees are identified and are mentored and groomed to grow up the career ladder to meet business challenges. They are given opportunities to attend and learn at workshops and training programs conducted within and outside the organization. While we ensure participation of women in all the development frameworks in Integra, we also have a special mentoring program championed by Sakthi Oli for developing potential women.

Incidentally, our efforts towards gender equality and diversity have been recognized by various organizations. We won the Working Mother & AVTAR award for “100 Best Companies for Women in India” for three consecutive years from 2016. We were also adjudged as the top 5 finalists for “Excellence in Gender Inclusivity” by NASSCOM in 2012 and won the Award for “Excellence in Gender Inclusivity” from NASSCOM in 2009.

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