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Hello! It is a new year, a fresh start with its promise of new dreams, new milestones. As always, it is exciting to be connecting with you, leaders, who are intentional about Inclusion. The 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and here at Avtar we would like to term it the Decade of Inclusion. Especially in times of turmoil and focus on the differences all around us in the world, we believe that it is intentional inclusion that will pave way for a better world. And so at Avtar, we have resolved to lead more and more organizations into the ambit of Inclusion – to evolve into workplaces which encourage authenticity, bring out the best in people and pursues inclusive growth. We truly believe that organizations can be the vehicles that take the message of inclusion to the world at large.

This year also marks the 5th edition of the Working Mother and Avtar Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) study - ahuge landmark for us and all the companies that have been on this journey with us so far! It has been a revelation for us through these four years on how intention and commitment can bring about visible, crucial changes. Here’s a quick look at what India’s largest Gender analytics exercise seen in these five years:

  • The BCWI Study has helped establish a company’s gender inclusion intent visibly and publicly, by featuring in the list - From 2016 – 2020, BCWI has established its credibility as the platform to be on for companies that are pursuing gender balance.An average of 300 companies have participated in every edition, with a collective workforce of 18+ lakh professionals.
  • It has given access to the most exhaustive best practices repository on gender inclusion- Over the last 4 years, BCWI has helped shine the spotlight on several hundred best practices on gender inclusion.Beyond the recognition aspect, BCWI’s vision is that of identifying, sharing and celebrating best practices and help more companies board the inclusion bandwagon. Over the 4 years of its existence, the study has seen the women’s representation move up from 25% (2016) to 33% (2019).
  • The Study has opened up access to the deepest and widest data repository of gender diversity metrics – the 4 years of data collation has helped gather over a million diversity metrics. Several patterns have emerged that can help drive effective diversity strategy. The Study has also ensured that the most recent and relevant market benchmarks on gender diversity are available.
  • The companies have benefitted from the access to the knowledge sharing platform built by the Best Companies - through the Working Mother and Avtar Best of the Best Conference, the trend of Collective learning has been set successfully. Over 350 delegates who are leaders from the 100 Best Companies, come together, share and learn best practices around Diversity and Inclusion.

We are equipped and ready to lead the way and make available methods, practices, guidelines and practical solutions to the problems that companies face in their effort to enable Diversity and Inclusion in their workplaces. With our commitment, focus powered by the data-intelligence and thought leadership, we look forward to creating more intentionally inclusive organizations and leaders. Come and be a part of this journey with us!

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Karthik Ekambaram,
Senior Vice President, Avtar


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