Flex your operations, securely! Presenting Flexcurity, Avtar’s proprietary tool to assess flexi-readiness


We are in times that are as VUCA as times can get. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen corporates, businesses and institutions world over, realign their ways of work to operate virtually/remotely. With several Indian cities announcing partial to complete lockdown, it is imperative that India Inc. is prepared to tide over this unforeseen challenge. As critical stake-holders of the economy, it is important that organizations focus on effective strategies for remote work, to ensure business continuity in times such as these. As a firm that specialises in Diversity & Inclusion Solutions for Corporate India, Avtar is happy to present to you Flexcurity - a suite of assessments and algorithms which proposes to untangle the conundrum for businesses and teams that are unprepared for remote workforce management. This tool was developed based on extensive research around evolving flexibility aspirations of the Indian workforce. Under the current circumstances, it will help organizations up the ante on their flexibility friendliness and negotiate these challenging times through effective flexible working.

At its core, Flexcurity helps an organisation roll-out successful flexible working tracks by assessing jobs/roles for their suitability for flexibility. Beginning with an assessment on flexi-readiness of the organization, this in-house built tool moves on to analyse job prototypes for their resonance/dissonance with flexible working models. This is followed by the crucial stages of unbundling and flexidisingjobs. In unbundling, supervisors and job incumbents are surveyed on various aspects related to job execution and supervisory activities. This helps arrive at ‘Flex quotient’ of jobs. The tool then moves to flexidising jobs according to their Flex quotients, giving key recommendations to migrate roles to the remote work model. A tech-enabled solution, Flexcurity does not require heavy investments in software or hardware, but just inputs in the form of a clear Job Description which leads to a score that the team leader or business head works with to provide reasonably accurate predictions of its ability to be flexibleand consequently, the impact on revenue when these roles are performed flexibly.

If we are smart enough to engage with the challenge at hand as an opportunity, we will together move on to a more effective, responsible world. Flexcurity, could be your enabler in this journey. Should you want more details or would like to schedule a demo, please write to Mr. KarthikEkambaram at

Wishing all of us better times!


Organizations of all sizes around the world are tackling the challenge of gender diversity in the workforce. Though progress has been made, women continue to be underrepresented at every level.

COVID-19: The Silver Lining

Amidst the chaos and fear surrounding the novel COVID-19, the pandemic has brought about a positive side of it. Well, the world is now all over it and probably will continue so, for the benefit it brings along.

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