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Case Study: How an FMCG major implemented successful DEI roadmap through ‘Diversity Audit’

Diversity Audit

The Scenario

Any organization’s resources are its people. And leveraging the diversity and attached potential help organizations reach optimum positions in terms of business success by enabling adequate measures and initiatives that feed to the betterment of the entire system. A high growth FMCG major had a similar requirement where it wanted to assess its collective orientation towards including and appreciating diversity, to deliberate and decide on its further action plan. They approached Avtar to partner with them on this requirement.

 What we did

One of Avtar’s flagship programs, ‘Diversity Audit’ was recommended to the organization based on their requirement. The assessments that cut across three key employee segments covered the orientation and perception around diversity comprehensively, helping formulate a clear-cut action plan. The segments were:

  • Leaders (Business & HR)
  • People Managers
  • Diversity Representatives

The assessment also checked the policy structures for their ability to cater to the needs of diversity talent groups. The exclusive Focus Group Discussion allowed the employees to share their perspectives on the process and culture of the organization, from a diversity standpoint.


The findings from the audit helped take systematic measures to bridge attitudinal gaps in implementing DEI across teams and verticals. Channels to prevent (or in unfortunate circumstances, address) grievances of under-represented talent groups were created. The audit also helped curate a repurposed DEI roadmap for fulfilling the company’s DEI goals targeted for the performance year, beginning with leaders driving the cause.