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Case Study: How ‘Benchmarking’ helped improve maternity retention for a Manufacturing giant


The Scenario        

Knowledge of its market standing is critical for any business. The same goes for an organization’s DEI practices, to gauge its current positioning and implement the requisite measures of best practices followed in the market for effective results. A manufacturing giant wanted to start its DEI journey and wanted to begin by understanding the practices and initiatives prevalent amongst its peers in the market. Avtar was approached for helping them learn the trends and assist them to make informed decisions.

What we did

Avtar recommended the Industry Benchmarking for DEI, as a solution towards helping the organization create a robust DEI action plan, across the diversity strands of gender and People with Disabilities (PwDs). We helped them:

  • benchmark their diversity metrics across the talent management lifecycle, in a very granular manner, and
  • helped leaders learn the current market trends in DEI through the platform of India’s largest diversity analytics exercises, the Working Mother and Avtar Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) study, and the Working Mother and Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index (MICI).


The Benchmarking Report helped the organization understand its specific problem areas with regards to talent management, attrition of women at the maternity stage, being a talent drainer. Towards retaining women along the maternity stage, the company instituted a comprehensive maternity management program, that included:

  • Maternity Leave Coaching
  • Phase-Back Program
  • Postpartum Stress Counselling

When the organization participated in BCWI & MICI next year, its ability to retain women in the mid-career stage had gotten much better, with maternity attrition significantly dropping by 7%. Other areas of change included creating a structured DEI Governance Model and training managers to champion the cause of gender inclusion. Overall, the benchmarking exercise helped the organization gain greater control over its future.