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Case Study on nurturing inclusive behaviours through Inclusion by Design training

Inclusion by Design training

The Scenario

A multinational technology company in the space of business consulting and outsourcing, decided to move into a new business model, a matrix operational structure that comprised of several market development units dealing with different industry sectors like Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, etc. The different units started working with the Service line teams, forming the horizontals in the end delivery of projects/service to customers. When new teams were formed under matrix structure, the leaders realized that there where varied perceptions in the way each team member had a notion of the organizational culture. This necessitated the need for interventions from Leaders and Managers to make the new organization an inclusive workplace, where all members experience the culture with a sense of belongingness and inclusion.

We, at Avtar proposed an Inclusive Leadership intervention, which was curated to impart learnings on specific skills that can be applied at different industry verticals and can be embedded in the current work environment.

What we did

This training intervention was custom designed and developed as a three part series to nurture inclusive leadership behaviours in leaders, thereby driving greater sense of belonging in the team.

We interacted with managers at the organization to gather details on live scenarios they faced. This helped us in formulating real-life case studies that we laced with Best Practices for discussion with the participants during the session.

The training session also had an element of action planning built into to enable leaders to commit to start and sustain inclusive behaviours.


The Inclusion by Design Training intervention garnered positive feedback from participants.

  • 3%of participants mentioned that their level of knowledge and skill had increased
  • 98%of participants mentioned that they would recommend this programme to others