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Case Study on promoting male allyship through Men as Gender Advocacy training

Men as Gender advocates Training

The Scenario

In a conventional organizational context, the conversations about gender equity has traditionally been borne mostly by women and at the most, by a few male leaders at senior level. The Technology Services division of one of the largest global consulting organizations recognized Men as Allies as a critical component of their diversity and inclusion efforts in India. The organization also realized the need to have a robust training session to sensitize male colleagues and mobilize their active participation in enhancing workplace gender equity.

Avtar was consulted to create a signature training session to address this need.

What we did

We designed and developed a training session titled ‘Men as Gender Advocates’ that focused on creating an in-depth understanding about gender equity, how to adopt gender supportive behaviours and how being a male ally helps men in both personal and professional life.


The ‘Men as Gender Advocates’ training sessions helped male supervisors, team leaders, managers and individual contributors in gaining a better understanding of gender differences, various challenges faced by Indian women professionals at work, impact of stereotypes and unconscious biases at workplace, fundamental gender supportive behaviours and how being a gender advocate helps them. The feedback for these training sessions have been overwhelming. Men as Gender Advocates training has become a critical component of the diversity and inclusion efforts of this organization, and is an ongoing programme as part of their cultural training calendar. Over a period of 2 years, we have imparted ‘Men as Gender Advocates” training via webinar sessions for more than 15,000 male colleagues of this global consulting organization.